Hi, I'm Daniel. I once was a man who had become overweight, discouraged with my status in life, and unhappy with the person I had become in general. In February 2011, I took a long look in the mirror and realized that I was capable of much more and deserved better for myself and my family. I then began a journey of transformation into the man I want to be by pursuing my passion for physical fitness, reevaluating my career path, and refocusing my attention on designing the future instead of dwelling on the past or stalling in the present. My inaugural campaign for greatness began on this platform roughly 2 years ago and provided the perfect outlet for the random reflections along the way. My ultimate success has yet to be measured other than in baby steps, but one thing I am certain of is that I have made sure strides of improvement and anyone can do the same if they so choose. I hope you enjoy my journey in my training.

warrior-fitness replied to your post: 5.18.12 W12D3 5/3/1 Bench Focus
Your bench is really climbing though. You’re at a predicted 1RM of just over 275 right now & that’ll probably be even higher after you crush your 1+ week this next time! Great job bud!!!

If I wasn’t motivated before, I am now. I know that number is only predicted, but the thought of my bench jumping up that much makes me hungry.

Thanks, Ben!

  1. ironwarriorstraining said: no prob man! Just shows what your hard work, plus consistency & following a well-structured, progress-oriented plan can accomplish. It’s hard to see that day-to-day, but I can see it’s starting to pay off for you big time already. Kudos to you & Dan & keep up the great work!
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